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Birth & Postpartum Items

Empowered Life Birth Collective has come together to make available to you some unique birth and postpartum support items. 100% of the proceeds will go towards our scholarship fund to help us support low income families.


Warm Rice Pack

These rice packs are wonderful for everything from on your birthing day to a cold winter day. All of our rice packs come with an easily removable machine washable cover. We offer a variety of patterns and colors for you to chose from. Upon request, essential oils can be added to the rice pack as well!

Simply place the rice pack in the microwave for 1.5 minutes to start and see if it is a good temperature for you. Feel free to warm it up for longer in small increments as needed.


$12 each


Herbal Sitz Bath

Our Herbal Sitz Baths are strategically designed with to promote healing and comfort during your postpartum period. Adding these Herbal blends to your bath is a wonderful way to do some self care after your body has done hard and beautiful work.


-*Yarrow (circulation and healing)

-*Lavender (anti-microbial)

-*Chamomile (anti-inflammatory)

-*Comfrey (healing)

-Epsom Salts

*Organic ingredients


Small Bag (3 Sitz Baths) - $15

Large Bag (6 Sitz Baths) - $25


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